What is RFID Laundry Tagging?

RFID tagging attaches a small durable button to clothing to allow easy laundry identification.

Why is it needed?

A person’s clothes in many ways form part of an individual’s identity with older people often taking great pride in their appearance.

When marker washes off or sticky labels detach, lapses in memory can result in people miss identify their own clothing and the wrong person wearing them.  This can be distressing both for the resident and their family who relate it to the level of care being provided.

How does it work?

A small button like device is attached to each item of clothing and each button is programmed to store up to 200 characters of information to identify the owner. This information can include the person’s name, unit, room number and any other information that they may wish to keep private e.g. skin related conditions or allergies to washing powders. This allows all items of clothing can then be collected for washing together.

Application Tools

The desktop applicator tool is a motorised (mains powered) device that rotates the black part of the button –through the fabric of the garment – into the white part of the button without causing damage to the fabric, providing a quick and easy method of fitting buttons. The handheld applicator can be used anywhere to fit a small quantity of buttons.

Features and Benefits

  • Privacy and dignity The use of a discreet button replaces the need to clearly label clothing.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress Residents, their family and staff all benefit from a reduction in stress by ensuring clothing is returned to the correct resident.
  • Saves time Members of staff will avoid the need to find the correct owner of unidentifiable items or search for lost items, allowing them to spend more time looking after residents.
  • Saves money Reduces the need to replace items of lost clothing. More durable than sticky labels. Buttons are reusable.

  Download the RFID Solution Sheet

  Download the Nottingham Council Case Study

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