Retirement Villages

Retirement can represent a whole new chapter in a person's life, after a long period of working and saving over the years. Amongst the different options available to Australian and New Zealander's once they finish work, retirement villages can provide a low-maintenance, comfortable solution for people wanting to live independently with the assurance of having help close at hand.

With the level of assistive care varying depending on the needs of individual clients, there is a lot that retirement villages can offer to make the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

Assistive technology and independent living

Assistive technology and independent living

Tunstall Healthcare can further add to the support offered to those living in a retirement village through a customised Connected Care solution using assistive technology. Various unobtrusive sensors can be utilised in a person's residence to monitor wellbeing and safety.

For those who don't necessitate full-time care, a Connected Care solution can enable them to live independently in their own homes, while giving their loved ones a sense of assurance that assistance will be available should they ever need it.

When triggered, these sensors will alert the 24-hour Tunstall monitoring centre, where a highly trained professional will be able to speak to the client and determine whether they require assistance. From there, the response operator can alert either a village manager, nominated family members or friend, after-hours doctor or emergency services that a client is in need of help.

Furthermore, Tunstall's operators are also able to contact an ambulance in the case of an emergency and will stay on the line until help arrives.


Finding a solution to suit everyone

One of the advantages of a Connected Care solution with assistive technology is that a solution can be adapted to suit the client. This means that whether someone needs a fall management solution or a more comprehensive solution for chronic health management, each client's needs can be individually assessed and addressed.

With 175,000 Australians (Retirement Living Council) and 24,000 New Zealanders (RVANZ) presently reside in a retirement village, you can assure that your clients have the support they need to live independently with Tunstall.


What Tunstall can do for you

Tunstall can carry out an initial assessment and make recommendations for a solution, which may include the 24/7 monitoring of existing systems or swapping out any old hardware for new Tunstall equipment.

When monitored by Tunstall, we can assist to maintain the solution as well as provide regular information and training sessions on how to use the service for village management and residents alike.


Tunstall medical alarms are NBN ready

We have been working closely with the National Broadband Network (NBN) to ensure that our medical alarms continue to work over the NBN. If you are looking at connecting to the NBN, you can rest assured that our medical alarms will continue to work.


Solutions include:

Emergency call package

Extended services

Health and wellbeing package

You can read more about our retirement living solutions in the McLean Care case study or our retirement living brochure.

Find out more about how Tunstall's services can benefit those living in a retirement village by contacting our knowledgeable team today on 1800 603 377 (NZ enquiries 0800 488 678).


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