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Introducing myMobile, Tunstall’s first connected health remote chronic disease management smartphone app.

Available on the Android platform, myMobile is designed to give both the patient and clinician a consistent mobile interface that can be used anywhere, anytime.

iOS version under development.

What is the myMobile app?

The Tunstall myMobile app is an advanced platform extension of our myClinic Connected Health solution. The myMobile app, available on the Android platform, is designed to give both the patient and clinician a consistent mobile interface that can be used anywhere, any time.

Fully supported by Tunstall’s flagship Integrated Care Platform (ICP), the application enables patient’s to complete their health interviews, view their monitoring plan, and review their vital sign and activity trends. Patients can be reassured that if their vital sign readings or health interview results are outside the clinically established limits, their care team will be informed.

myMobile also supports the integration of Fitbit activity monitors to enable patients, carers and care teams to identify changes that may indicate early signs of a declining health condition. 

How does it work?

myMobile enables individuals to monitor their own health condition from any place of their choosing, with an individual secure login.

In consultation with patients and their care teams, condition-specific monitoring plans are tailored to individuals. The Tunstall health interview guides the patients through a series of vital sign measurements and pre-set health questions, and provides notifications when scheduled interviews are due to be completed. Patients can use a range of medical-grade peripheral devices (such as a thermometer, pulse oximeter, weight scale or glucometer) to complete their individualised health interviews. 

The patient’s readings and responses are then automatically transmitted to Tunstall’s ICP triagemanager patient management software, for review and processing by one of Tunstall’s Registered Nurses (RNs) or the patient’s care team. Tunstall’s RNs check-in regularly with patients either via phone or video conference. Any deviations outside of the pre-set health parameters alert the triage nurse to further investigate and contact the patient or their care team. Vital sign readings that are outside the patient’s limits can also be configured to generate an SMS or email alert to the care team.

Who is it for?

myMobile has been created specifically for those who have a health condition where regular collection of health data is essential, or at least beneficial to their ailment, but the app can be used by anyone. The app is designed to work with patients’ existing phone or tablet (providing the device meets the minimum requirements), but can alternatively be supplied with an Android tablet.

Why is it needed?

The myMobile app can be used practically anywhere, especially in non-clinical settings such as the home or aged care accommodation. Its intended use is as a secure patient communication tool that enables a patient to be supported by their healthcare provider 24/7. The healthcare provider could be a disease management centre,  a dedicated caregiver or a general medical practice depending on the patient’s health condition.

One of the most useful features of the myMobile app is its ability to collect a great deal of specific medical information about the patient over time and enable trend analysis by clinicians or the patient themselves. Even basic vitals such as weight, blood pressure and blood glucose levels can be monitored with mymobile and helpful information can be provided by patients answering the questions in their health interview.

Key features and benefits

  • Supported by Tunstall’s ICP, including vital sign management, clinical triaging, monitoring plan management and health interviews.
  • Secure SSL communication to ICP ensuring secure patient information management.
  • Supports remote monitoring plan management and development.
  • Displays the patient’s clinically defined monitoring plan and latest results in a user-friendly format, including trend graphs.
  • Automatic synchronisation, including monitoring plan and health interview updates from ICP triagemanager.
  • Video conferencing with the patient and their care team, including virtual waiting room.
  • Access to Tunstall’s myCare Patient Portal and video education library.
  • Supports activity management using Fitbit, including trending and activity alerting.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to automatically transmit results from peripheral devices.

Platform support

Supported on Android platform. iOS version under development.

For further information, you can view the myMobile app solutions sheet and user guide, or contact your account manager to arrange a demonstration.


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