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Tunstall’s patient and carer online portals are designed to accompany our Integrated Care Platform (ICP) Connected Health system to provide mobile reporting.


What is the myCare portal?

New to Tunstall’s ICP myCare provides patients, and carers, with a real-time dashboard of their health information, including key vital sign records and health results. Accessible from any internet enabled device via the secure web portal, the health readings appear in near real-time, providing feedback to both the patient and carer on their progress.

The patient or carer can view scheduled health interviews and video conferences, the patient’s monitoring plan and clinical limits, and a full history of the health interview and vital sign results. Other information, such as links to relevant health and disease education resources and the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) reading, is also available.

The myCare portal has been designed around the needs of the patient and their care team, with a patient-friendly platform and multi-user access to:

  • myReadings – key patient information and most recent vital sign readings.
  • myHealth – graphical display of vital sign results, segmented by date range and vital sign.
  • myPlan – a calendar of the patient’s care plan as defined in ICP Triage Manager, including scheduled health interviews and video conferences, medication reminders, and more.
  • myLimits – the patients vital sign limits and targets as defined in ICP Triage Manager.
  • myHistory – pie chart display of the patient’s overall vital sign and interview results, segmented by date range and reading severity, as recorded in ICP Triage Manager.
  • myServices – patient booking facility for concierge services from care and home maintenance providers.

myCare is an optional module available with Tunstall’s ICP Connected Health solution and
supports patient education and ongoing self-management of their health conditions.



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