Lone Worker Monitoring Solutions

Tunstall provides monitoring solutions suitable for mobile or fixed location work environments.

Our mobile monitoring solutions are designed to provide a reliable and easy to use duress alarm system for people who work on their own or in potentially hazardous environments. 

The Tunstall response centre will notify the workers designated responder, such as team leader or manager and if necessary contact emergency services for assistance.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Mobile monitoring systems can be designed to work with an existing mobile smart phone via the Tunstall myCareTrack app or with the innovative Find-Me Tunstall GPS watch device.


How does it work?

myCareTrack app

When a worker commences a shift they check-in via voice or data connectivity using the button on-screen. The worker is then able to record a message in the system, notifying of their movement for the day, and period of time.

At this point they also select when they would like their check-up calls throughout the day. When the check-up time comes, the system dials the worker to request their lone worker ID. If they do not answer their phone it will try them two more times before an alarm is raised.

The alarm response procedure will be customised to each individual and may involve checking their pre-recorded or text message to determine their location and then contacting a supervisor or emergency services.

If the worker does answer and successfully enter their ID, the system will simply dial again at the next set time.

In an emergency the worker can press the SOS duress button in the app, which will immediately call the response centre, notifying them that the worker is in a duress situation.

Find-Me Tunstall GPS watch

An alert button, inbound mobile phone, boundary monitor and GPS tracking device in one; the Find-Me Tunstall watch offers a discreet and unobtrusive duress activation device for lone workers. 

The watch works by using a pre-installed SIM card and will function anywhere there is mobile network coverage. 

The alert button is programmed to Tunstall's 24/7 Monitoring Centre and on activation can advise an additional four numbers with a map location via SMS and email. The watch can be contacted by an landline or mobile phone and an authorised user can also login to an online portal to monitor the wearer's location.

Fixed Location

Fixed location systems are often used by people who work on their own or in a potentially hazardous environment. A personal radio trigger or sensor device, linked to an alarm unit, is worn by the worker allowing for easy duress activation. Additional environmental sensors can also be monitored including Tunstall’s smoke, gas and temperature detectors.


How does it work?

Fixed location uses an alarm unit that can be activated by a personal radio trigger (pendant) or sensor. Multiple pendants and sensors can be programmed into any one alarm, allowing multiple people, activities and environmental changes to be monitored. 

When the alarm is activated it dials Tunstall's 24/7 Monitoring Centre or a designated responder. The Monitoring Centre will notify the worker's designated responder, such as team leader or manager, and if necessary contact emergency services for assistance. 

The pendant is capable of activating an alarm call from up to 300 metres* from the alarm unit and can be worn of the wrist, belt clip or around the neck.

*300m range pendant only available with the Tunstall Liberty300 alarm. Typical pendant range is 50-100 metres.

Who is it for?

Tunstall’s mobile and fixed monitoring solutions are suitable for people who work alone or are very mobile.

  • Community nurses
  • Care workers
  • Night shift workers
  • Mobile workers
  • Sales representatives
  • Overnight care providers
  • Employees with physical disabilities
  • Any employees who travel regularly

Features and benefits

  • Provides a safer working environment
  • Provides an easy to use duress call button
  • Provides extra reassurance to workers and their supervisors
  • Can be programmed to notify the worker's designated responder or the Tunstall 24/7 monitoring centre who can coordinate emergency service if required
  • Supports workplace health and safety policies.

To find out more about Tunstall's range of mobile and fixed solutions, please contact our friendly team on 1800 603 377.


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