Key Safe

The Key Safe securely stores up to five spare keys or key cards to provide quick access to a property in an emergency.

What is a Key Safe?

The Tunstall Key Safe allows safe and secure storage of a conveniently located spare key for quick and easy emergency property access. Strong and secure, the key safe holds up to five keys and only allows someone with the code to access its content.

The Wall Mounted Key Safe comes in either push button or combination lock and holds up to five keys or key cards, attaching securely to any wall or flat surface.

The Padlock Key Safe has a combination lock and also holds up to five keys or key cards. A portable option, this Key Safe attaches securely to door handles, pool fencing, gas metres or taps.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides easy access to premises
  • Avoids delays and damage to property
  • Fits up to five standard house keys
  • Two styles to choose from - padlock or wall mount
  • Three models - wall mount key pad, wall mount combination, padlock combination

Easy to Use:

  • Easily set and reset your own 4 digit code - combination locks offer up to 10,000 possible combinations
  • Change the code as often as you like
  • Wall mounted version easily bolted to wall

Robust Construction:

  • Solid zinc and aluminium design
  • Shutter door protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime
  • Water and rust proof
  • Shatterproof



Iris is 80 and lives on her own in the family home. She is quite frail, uses a walking stick and has a high risk of falls. One night when Iris got up to use the bathroom the power went out and she tripped. Iris activated her Tunstall personal alarm and notified the monitoring centre that her leg hurt. She also reported that all of her responders were away, so there was no family to call to get help.

The monitoring centre called an ambulance to assist. Iris already had a key safe installed outside her home, so the ambulance was able to get quick access to her. Iris was very grateful that because of the alarm and key safe she did not have to wait long for help.



Jean is 79 and lives alone. While her adult children live nearby, they work full time so she only sees them every couple of weeks. Thanks to her Tunstall personal alarm and key safe, Jean feels confident being alone and knows that she will be able to get help if and when she needs it.
“I think it is wonderful to have so your family or emergency services can get in to you in an emergency"
Prior to getting the key safe Jean locked herself out of the house and had to get her neighbour to help her lift the sliding door off the tracks. Jean’s neighbour ended up breaking the whole glass door. Jean laughs when she tells the story and knows that a simple key safe would have saved a lot of time and money.

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