Dementia patients can benefit from a range of connected care solutions offered by Tunstall. If you have a loved one or client living with dementia, find out how you can assist them.

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Dementia directly affects more than 342,800 Australians, and Alzheimer's Australia expects this figure to rise in the coming years, reaching as many as 900,000 by 2050. It's the biggest cause of disability among Australians aged 65 and up, and more than half of those residents who are in government-subsidised aged care facilities live with dementia.
However, there are still many people living with dementia who choose to remain in their own homes, some of whom do so alone. This suggests an increased need for memory wellness solutions that can provide monitoring and immediate assistance to those who need it. Tunstall's range of connected care products can help people living with dementia, as well as their carers and loved ones.

About dementia

Dementia is not just one specific disease, but rather a group of symptoms that impact upon the brain over time. While every case is different, the illness typically affects the memory, behaviour, thinking power and abilities of those living with it, and can interfere with a person's everyday life and tasks. While older people (those aged 65 and up) are the most likely to be affected by dementia, it is not a normal part of ageing and can happen to anyone.
The onset of dementia is typically slow, with symptoms progressing over a number of years. Early signs include frequent memory loss that seems to get worse over time, a personality change, confusion, the loss of ability to complete regular tasks and some level of withdrawal. Healthcare professionals can diagnose dementia, and there are plenty of ways carers and support people can assist those affected by the illness - one of which involves connected care products.

How Tunstall can help

Ongoing research into dementia is helping to reveal how connected healthcare can support those living with this condition. Various technologies can be used to support dementia patients and provide monitoring solutions that can be used in both homes and residential care facilities. 
The range of solutions provided by connected care can help to manage risks within the home or care environment and provide a means to call for immediate assistance if required. Tailored care packages can help dementia patients take control of their living conditions, enabling them to live comfortably and safely in an environment that is familiar to them. Many people with dementia find it distressing and confusing to move out of their home environment, and connected healthcare can help them to remain in a familiar setting while still receiving the assistance they need to be safe.
When used in residential care facilities, connected care solutions can help support staff and provide 24/7 monitoring services for more thorough care, reducing the human resources required to provide frequent check-ups on patients.
Tunstall has a range of connected care solutions that can help to manage risks and activities associated with dementia. These include falls and wandering, along with environmental risks. 

Our solutions

The Smart Hub Medical Alarm is an integral part of Tunstall's connected care offerings, providing instant access to the 24-hour emergency monitoring centre. Those living with dementia can wear a radio trigger pendant around their neck, belt or wrist, which can be triggered to alert the response centre or an on-site carer, who will arrange further assistance if appropriate. Clients speak to the operator through the hands-free speaker and microphone built into the alarm.
The alarm is also a central hub for connected care within the living environment, connected to a smoke detector to automatically raise an alarm call for assistance. 
Tunstall can assess the living environment of the person living with dementia and then create tailored package solutions to ensure the appropriate level of monitoring and assistance is provided to them. Group packages can be formed to suit the needs of care facilities, and training can be provided to help users feel confident with these solutions.

For assistance in creating a memory wellness package please call 1800 603 377.

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