Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases can have a considerable impact on a person's quality of life, but they don't have to be detrimental to a person's sense of independence. At Tunstall Healthcare, we provide a range of assistive technology to support the management of serious conditions in a way that gives clients and their loved ones peace of mind. 
With a connected health solution, clients can proactively keep track of their condition and also go about their day knowing that should they need assistance, it will always be close at hand. 
About chronic disease in Australasia

About chronic disease in Australasia

Chronic diseases can comprise anything from diabetes to cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and respiratory conditions such as asthma. They can lead to illness and hospitalisation if not managed correctly, and are amongst the leading causes of death in Australia and New Zealand.

As many as one in five people are thought to have multiple chronic diseases, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, with heart disease such as CVD the most common of these conditions.

Depending on the nature of the chronic disease, people may experience difficulties in conducting everyday tasks, or may have a cognitive impairment that can hamper memory or judgment, which is why it is important to make assistance easily available in the home.


What can we do to manage chronic disease?

Fortunately, there are several ways that carers and loved ones can help people better monitor their symptoms from the comfort of their own home. Tunstall's Connected Health solution offers a simple, convenient method for clients to self-manage their chronic conditions without the need for additional trips to their GP or registered nurse (RN).

By using equipment such as Tunstall’s myClinic Connected Health hub and ICP patient and carer portals, clients can benefit from a truly connected health solution, where their family members or caregivers as well as their Registered Nurse (RN) or GP are able to stay in the loop with any changes and provide assistance if needed.

Part of the connected health care team are Tunstall's expert  RNs, who monitor all patient health information via the ICP triagemanager patient information system, and make regular contact with the patient and their care team via phone or video conference to discuss the results.


How does the myClinic hub work?

The Tunstall myClinic Connected Health hub is an easy-to-use personal computer tablet that allows clients to access their customised health interviews. The hub automatically collects information from peripheral devices through Bluetooth, infrared or serial cable.

It can be used in conjunction with:

  • blood pressure monitor
  • pulse oximeter
  • weight scale
  • peak flow/lung monitor
  • ECG
  • blood glucose meter
  • coagulation meter
  • thermometer

In addition to a smart interview for self-monitoring, the myClinic hub also puts clients in contact with a RN via video conference to discuss results. All health data is securely stored and routinely monitored by Tunstall's RNs. 

You can read more about our connected health and chronic disease management solutions in Dallas' Story and Integrated Living's Staying Strong Project case study.


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