Carers play one of the most important roles in Australian healthcare. They look after our older citizens as well those who are unwell or living with a disability, and give them the help they need to live fuller, happier lives.

The Treasury Department states that our nation's population is ageing - the proportion of people over 65 years old will double within the next four decades. Because of this, carers are becoming increasingly significant to our society's healthcare system.


Carers in Australia

Carers in Australia

There are millions of people who act as carers in Australia alone, amounting to about one in eight people (Deloitte Access Economics).

And yet, there is still a demand for more - a figure that will only increase as the population continues to age with time. This is one reason that many turn to assistive technology to help manage their family member or friend's conditions.

If you are the primary carer in your household, the Tunstall range of connected care solutions could benefit you as well.


How Tunstall's assistive technology can help

Tunstall Healthcare's assistive technology is used in the home and provides 24/7 monitoring services. Our connected care solutions offer extra support to carers by helping their family member or friend support them, so they have more independence in their life.

Our Smart Hub medical alarm is the ultimate communications hub to assist carers. This device can be linked with a pendant that your family member or friend can wear around their neck or wrist, allowing hands-free calls to be made to our 24-hour emergency monitoring centre. Should emergency care be needed and you are not around, the wearer can feel at ease knowing they still have help at hand.

For assistance in creating a tailored package for your needs, call our friendly Customer Service team on 1800 603 377, or get in touch via email.


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