Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD)

The Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD) program was established by the UK Department of Health to evaluate how the use of telecare and telehealth technologies can support people with long term health and care needs to live independently.

The project was unrolled to 6,000 patients throughout Kent, Newham and Cornwall, making it the largest randomised control study of its kind in the world.

The results of the WSD program using telehealthcare were:

  • 45% reduction in mortality rates
  • 15% reduction in A&E visits
  • 20% reduction in emergency admissions
  • 14% reduction in elective admissions
  • 14% reduction in bed days
  • 8% reduction in tariff costs

In 2012, Tunstall Healthcare hosted three successful events with speaker Dave Tyas from Peninsula Community Health UK, offering the Australian Aged Care Industry an insight into his role as WSD project manager for the program in Cornwall.

If you missed Dave’s presentation download your copy of the WSD material.

WSD backgrounder


Dave Tyas WSD presentation slides

Photographs from WSD presentation

Dave Tyas’ biography

Published results by the British Medical Journal

Whole Systems Demonstrator Read more about the largest randomised control trial in the world

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