Quality Standards

At Tunstall Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a high standard of care and service to our clients.

All of Tunstall's products and services adhere to relevant industry standards.


When you work alongside our team, you can rest assured that you'll be dealing with a quality-assured organisation that holds itself to the highest standards in the industry. This means that we are here to provide support when you need it most - we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our services deliver every time.

As a founding member of the Continua Health Alliance (CHA), Tunstall Australasia Pty Ltd is committed to an ongoing international collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare. It follows that all Tunstall products and services adhere to relevant industry standards; including AS 4607 and ISO 9001 certification as detailed below.

In addition, our flagship Tunstall alarms are NBN and VoIP compatible, with GSM mobile solutions available for clients without access to a traditional landline connection.

Here you can learn more about some of the accreditations we hold.

BS EN ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 encompasses the accreditation of design, manufacture and repair of electronic equipment for emergency communications for the elderly and infirm.

This includes our state-of-the-art PNC call handling  system, utilised as part of our 24-hour monitoring service. The PNC system  plays a key role in our monitoring service,  allowing our care consultants  to identify a client and access  vital information such as health conditions and emergency protocols.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification covers the provision of sales and rental services of telehealth and telecare equipment; including those used as part of Tunstall's 24/7 emergency monitoring service. This informs both current and prospective clients that Tunstall is committed to upholding the world standards for quality, continuous improvement and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

AS 4607

Full compliance with the Australian AS 4607 standard for monitoring centres and personal response systems means that we meet all requisites for: technical performance of alarm equipment, response centres responsibilities and procedures, risk management practices, installation procedures and record keeping.

Membership in key industry groups

Tunstall is proud to be an active member of key industry associations and alliances, such as the Personal Emergency Response Services Association (PERSA), the Continua Health Alliance (CHA), and Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA).

Furthermore, we have also implemented policy and procedures in line with Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) requirements. This involves TGA approval of medical equipment and its management.      

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