DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

Tunstall is an approved Personal Response Systems (PRS) supplier to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).   

The Rehabilitation and Appliances Program (RAP) provides aids and appliances according to each individual veteran's assessed clinical need.

Funded medical alarms and care sensors are available to DVA Gold and White card holders assessed by an appropriately qualified health provider.

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Is my client eligible for a RAP funded PRS?  |  Can I refer my client?  | How do I refer my client to Tunstall?  |  What Tunstall products are funded by RAP?  |  Why choose Tunstall for my client?

Is my client eligible for a RAP funded PRS?
Members of the veteran community are eligible if they have an assessed clinical need for an aid or appliance and are a:
•    Gold Card holder
•    White Card holder (only for conditions accepted by DVA as related to service)

Can I refer my client?
To be eligible for a RAP funded personal alarm system, a DVA card holder must be assessed by an appropriately qualified health provider including:

•    Occupational Therapist (OT)
•    Registered Nurse (RN)
•    Physio Therapist (PT)
•    Local Medical Officer (LMO) / General Practitioner (GP)
•    Specialist

How do I refer my client to Tunstall?
To refer a client for a RAP funded personal alarm system (PRS), you must complete and submit a DVA D9199 assessment form.

You may complete and submit an online version of the form.

Alternatively, you may also print and complete a hardcopy version of the form. Submit to Tunstall via fax (07) 3637 2255; or email customer.service@tunstallhealthcare.com.au

What Tunstall products are funded by RAP?
Tunstall offers a leading personal response system, which includes a base alarm unit and radio trigger pendant.  

A range of sensor devices are also now available to eligible DVA card holders, including:
•    Automatic fall detector
•    Find-Me Tunstall GPS Watch

Prescribing assistive technology for DVA members made easy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why choose Tunstall for my client?
•    We are a leading provider.
Tunstall Healthcare is a world-leading provider of connected healthcare solutions. With over 60 years of global experience we are proud to be an innovation and technology leader, providing trusted alarm and care solutions. We are a long established provider to government, retirement villages and local community care organisations.  

•    We pride ourselves on our people.
We value person-centred care and put our clients at the heart of our operations.  Our caring staff are driven by the knowledge their roles make a difference in the everyday lives of our clients. They go above and beyond to assist on a daily basis, ensuring we are renowned for exceptional customer service standards.  

•    We care about organising the right response.
Every situation is different. A Tunstall care consultant will always ask the client how they can best help.  Our staff are trained to organise the most appropriate response; be it emergency services, a carer, friend or family member.  Most importantly, a Tunstall care consultant will always stay on the line with the client until help arrives.

•    We offer an end-to-end solution.
Tunstall Healthcare are a unique provider as we offer an end-to-end solution; encompassing product development, installation, maintenance and monitoring.  We are the only monitoring centre of its kind in Australia with the capacity to transfer calls immediately to a fully staffed alternative Tunstall response site (located in New Zealand). Our business continuity solution ensures our life-saving service will always continue uninterrupted during high call periods or unforseen technical or environmental outages.

•    We are quality assured.
All of our products and services are quality assured and adhere to relevant industry standards including AS4607 and ISO 9001 certification.  Our flagship Tunstall alarms are NBN and VoIP compatible, with a GSM mobile solution available for clients without access to a traditional phone line connection.  Tunstall Healthcare is also an active member of key industry alliances and associations including the Personal Emergency Response Services Association (PERSA), the Continua Health Alliance (CHA), and Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA).   

Have further questions? Call 1800 603 377 to speak to a Tunstall customer service representative, or email: customer.service@tunstallhealthcare.com.au

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